How to Fit Blinds

We have made fitting made to measure blinds as easy as possible. We have created detailed fitting guides for each type of blind we sell. Each of the blinds fitting guides below can be viewed as a PDF or can be printed. You will also receive a printed copy of your fitting instructions with your order.

If you are unsure of anything, please phone us on 0333 321 4050 or email us at and one of our in-house experts will assist you.

Fitting Instructions are available for the following types of blinds. Please note that your order comes with printed fitting instructions.

Fitting Blinds: A General Guide

If you are looking for some general guidance on how to install blinds, please follow our simple instructions below.

  1. First you must choose between a face fix or a top fix.
  2. Next you need to screw your bracket into the wall. We recommend using a cordless screwdriver to install the brackets, and using wall plugs (if required).
  3. Install your blinds onto the bracket using our detailed guides above.
  4. Fit the child safety device that we packed with your order.