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How to Measure for Blinds

Follow this easy guide with step by step instructions on measuring windows for every type of blind.

What You Need

  • Metal measuring tape (preferred)
  • Pen & paper or notes in your phone

Decide Where Your Blind Will Hang

First of all you need to identify if your window has a recess.

Now decide whether you will hang your blind inside or outside of the recess (exact fit). You should check for obstructions inside the recess that could stop your blind from being fully extended, such as handles or fixtures.

Use a Metal Measuring Tape to Measure for Blinds

We recommend using a metal tape measure as this will give the most accurate results.

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Recess Measuring

Measuring for Blinds Inside the Window Recess

If you want your blinds to hang inside the window recess, you must measure from wall to wall.

Measure in three places for both width and height. So, measure the width from left to right along the top, in the middle, and along the bottom of the window. Then, measure from top to bottom on the left, in the middle and on the right. You must use the shortest measurements to allow the blind to fit properly.

If you are measuring for a Roller Blind then please use our guide on How to Measure for Roller Blinds.

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Exact Measuring

This is for blinds to hang outside the window recess, also known as the window facia.

If you want your blinds to hang outside of the window facia, you must measure the exact area that you want the blinds to cover.

If you are measuring for roller blinds, we recommend you add 35mm (3.5cm) to the width to accommodate the brackets. For all other blind types please add 100mm (10cm).

You should start your length measurement at the top of the facia and go down as far as you want the blind to hang when fully extended. This process will ensure the blind completely covers the entire facia.

If you are measuring for a Roller Blind then please use our guide on How to Measure for Roller Blinds.

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Check Your Measurements Twice

By taking your window measurements a second time you can ensure you have it exactly right. At Unbeatable Blinds we make all your blinds to measure, so it’s important we have the correct measurements.

How to Measure for Perfect Fit Blinds

Measure the visible glass area of each window. Ensure to measure up to the edge of the rubber bead. Do not include the rubber bead or seals in your measurement.

Similar to recess measuring, you should take three measurements for both length and width. We will use the shortest measurement.

Measure the depth of the window from the glass to the beading. You can use a credit card to help you. Place the card over the corner of the frame and use the metal tape measure to get your measurements.

Measure the distance between the edge of the beading to any surrounding obstructions, such as the handles. This should be more than 6mm. If it is less than 6mm, we have a cut around handle option that can be used for your window blinds, see how to measure for a rebate handle connector here. If you require a rebate handle connector you will need to notify us of your measurements, you can contact us on 0333 321 4050.

Measure the rubber beading, if it extends into the glass by more than 6mm, you should also phone us for assistance.

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How to Measure for Blinds in a Bay Window

If you are measuring for bay windows, please contact us on 0333 321 4050 to speak to one of our resident experts. We will guide you through this process over the phone.

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