Wooden Tape Information

Wooden Blind with Herringbone Tapes

Fauxwood Tape Information (50mm Slat).

Our Faux wood blinds are manufactured slightly differently from our Real Wood Blinds (see Real Wood info below), for extra slat stability they are manufactured with extra ladders which means when ordering blinds with tapes there are extra tapes to cover the ladders. Please refer to the table below to find out how many tapes are required per blind width.

WIDTH No. of ladders
350mm-600mm 2
601mm-900mm 3
901mm-1300mm 4
1301mm-1500mm 5
1501mm-1800 6
1801mm-2100mm 7
2101mm-2500mm 8
2501mm-2600mm 9

Real Wood Tape Information (50mm Slat).

WIDTH No. of ladders
290mm-900mm 2
901mm-1350mm 3
1351mm-1650mm 4
1651mm-2400mm 5