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What are Day and Night Blinds?

Day and Night Blinds

Window blinds are more than just a stylish addition to your home. They’re functional too, offering you total control and comfort when it comes to lighting and privacy. If you’re looking for exceptional light and privacy control as well as exquisite style, then Day and Night Blinds are the perfect choice!

  1. What are Day and Night Blinds?
  2. How do Day and Night Blinds work?
  3. Where can you use Day and Night Blinds?
  4. What are the Benefits of Day and Night Blinds?
  5. How to Measure for Day and Night Blinds?

What are Day and Night Blinds?

Day and night blinds are roller blinds with two layers of fabric made up of contrasting panels of sheer and opaque material. Pulling the control chain rolls the fabric around aligning either the opaque fabric or the contrasting fabric. When the opaque panels are parallel to each other, light is blocked out. When the contrasting panels are aligned, more light is let in through the sheer fabric.

How do Day and Night Blinds work?

Day and Night Blinds work similarly to Roller Blinds, but instead of having just one layer of fabric, they have alternating sheer and opaque panels of fabric. You can raise or lower these different panels by using the chain mechanism. These fabric panels move as one unit, sliding on top or below one another using the same mechanism.

Where can you use Day and Night Blinds?

Made to Measure Day and Night Blinds

Day and Night Blinds can be used throughout the home on almost all windows. The only place we wouldn’t recommend hanging them is on sloping windows. This is because the tilted frame can prevent the different fabric layers from moving smoothly. Aside from that, they offer amazing functionality wherever you choose to hang them, whether that’s your living room or bedroom.

What are the Benefits of Day and Night Blinds?

Day and Night blinds are one of the most functional types of window blind. They offer incredible light and privacy control thanks to the layered panels of fabric. So, you can block out all the light to go to sleep or brighten up the room in the morning by adjusting the panels.
These fantastic blinds are also energy efficient, offering you better control over the temperature of your home. This means you can save on those pesky energy bills! The sheer panels of fabric let the light in, increasing the heat whilst also brightening up your space. This means you can adjust the light and temperature by simply using natural sunlight instead of turning up your heaters.
Not only are they practical, but they also add an elegant style and feel to your interior. The alternating panels of fabric add both dimension and texture to any room. This makes them the perfect blind option if you want to enhance or upscale your home interior.

How to Measure for Day and Night Blinds?

Knowing how to measure your window for day and night blinds can seem a bit confusing. Thankfully, we have a handy step by step measuring guide for all blinds. Measuring for Day and Night Blinds is the same as measuring for Roller Blinds. You can follow our Roller Blinds Measuring Guide to ensure you measure correctly.