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Vertical Blinds – Rigid PVC, the new favourite.

Incredible Rigid PVC Blinds

Minimalistic Look and Feel

Traditional vertical blinds have had a massive shake up in the last couple of years due to the introduction of fantastic rigid pvc options. Now you can create a real designer look using this new super sleek blind option. Rigid PVC blinds give a real minimalistic look and feel to any room and there are no fussy weights and chains to be bothered about. Clean lines is what these blinds are all about.

A full wall of Rigid PVC blinds can look quite incredible, especially when covering a patio or french doors. New on trend colours and textures are now widely available. Rigid PVC vertical blinds are more expensive than the fabrics that were traditionally used, however they will last a great deal longer.

Grey Rigid PVC Blinds

Completely Blackout

Because of the thick uPVC slats these blinds are completely blackout, highly durable and can be easily wiped clean. Easy to unclip from the headrail the vanes can be removed and and left to soak in a sink or a bath overnight for example, for an even deeper clean.