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Aluminium Venetian Blinds in Bathroom

Do-it-yourself and save £££’s when you buy online.

Venetian Blinds can enhance the style of any interior design concept and they also offer some useful functions such as providing superb privacy and help to block out any unwanted light from either direct sunlight or harsh inner city street-lighting. Venetian Blinds are a versatile product, with many styles currently available in a whole host of colours and materials including aluminium, wood and faux wood.

The popularity of Venetian Blinds has never been greater with the vast choice now available and their use as a statement blind in many room settings from main lounges and living areas to bathrooms, dining rooms and kitchens.

Affordability is something that hasn’t by-passed the majority of the general public either with all blind types as well as Venetian Blinds now available to buy online at a fraction of the usual high street prices. Cheap Venetian blinds are here to stay.

There are many measuring guides available online and with very modest DIY skills you can save an absolute fortune on what you imagine blinds normally cost.

How they work
Venetian blinds consist of horizontal slats, typically made from either wood, faux wood or aluminium, and are capable of being lowered and raised to various levels using a cord. One of their most useful features is that the slats can be tilted to many different angles, allowing precise light control in any room. They are so versatile they can almost block all light and they also can give you great privacy.

There are plenty of style options when it comes to Venetian Blinds. For instance, they can be made from quite a few materials such as woodfaux wood (PVC) or aluminium.

Slat sizes can also vary depending on the make and style of the blind, with slat sizes ranging from 25mm to over 50mm. This means you can really find a unique style of venetian blinds to suit your needs, as the width of the slats and materials used can really impact the final look of a room.

Additionally, as they are a very popular style of blinds there’s no shortage of colours available. Some of these are natural finishes, particularly those made from wood, while you can find coated, painted, and many other finishes.

Some even come with additional style features, such as tapes, these can be used to great effect when looking for a stylish option by using tapes as a contrasting or co-ordinating option.

Needless to say, Venetian Blinds have some of the most stylish options out there for blinds!

Stylish Venetian Blinds

One of the biggest advantages of Venetian Blinds is their overall attractiveness. These blinds come with an elegant design that many appreciate, with venetian blinds being a favourite for those with a fondness for interior design.

They can look great no matter the style of blind or the room they are used in, thanks in no part to the incredible range of designs and sizes that are available. Whether you like a natural wood finish, the modern style of aluminium, or need something fun and colourful for a child’s room, there’s a venetian blind for every preference.

In terms of functionality, venetian blinds deliver. They offer almost unrivalled control over the amount of daylight you want in a room, as well as providing fantastic privacy.

They are also very low-maintenance when compared to other types of blinds. For instance, you do not need to take them down to clean them, as they require just a quick wipe with a cloth or duster.

Real affordability
The look of sheer luxury has never been more affordable, check out how cheap our venetian blinds are and start saving NOW! Check out our easy measuring guide and get started.