How to Measure for Curtains

Measuring for curtains is simple, you just need to take 2 measurements: the pole/track width and drop.

Measuring your Curtain Width

Taking your width measurement is simple, you will need to measure the entire length of your curtain pole or track as seen below. If you haven’t installed one yet then you can measure the width of your window recess and allow for an overlap (we recommend adding 30-40cm onto your recess width for adequate coverage at the sides of your window).

How to Measure Width for Curtains

Measure Width of Curtain Pole

For a curtain pole, simply measure the entire width of the pole between the end caps.

Measure Width of Tracks

For a standard curtain track, simply measure the entire length of the track.

Measure Width of Overlapping Tracks

If your track happens to have an overlap in the centre, you should measure the full width of track A and the full width of track B. Once you have measured both tracks, add both measurements together to give you your total width.

Measuring your Curtain Drop

Next, you’ll want to measure your drop. How you measure your drop will depend on what style of blind you have chosen and whether you have a track or pole heading as detailed below.

How to Measure Drop for Curtains

Measuring the Drop for Pencil Pleat or Pinch Pleat with Pole Heading

When using a curtain pole to hang your blinds, you should measure from the underside of the rings down to where you want the curtain to end. This is usually the floor or window sill.

Measuring the Drop for Pencil Pleat or Pinch Pleat with Track Heading

If you have a curtain track, you should measure from the top of the track down to where you would like your curtain to end.

Measuring the Drop for Eyelet Heading

To measure for eyelet curtains, simply measure from the top of the pole down to where you would like the curtain fabric to end. Our eyelet curtains will fit poles up to 40mm in diameter.

Things to Note:

  • Curtains can require up to 3 times more fabric than your actual window, track or pole measurement, this ensures the proper fullness when installed. We make all necessary adjustments and calculate how many widths of fabric you require to allow for a generous gather. Please DO NOT make these adjustments yourself.
  • Curtains that require over 1 width of fabric will require a join. The joins are made to be as invisible as possible as to not detract from the overall look of the curtains. All curtains are lined as standard, however a blackout or thermal lining significantly helps in hiding these joins.
  • Pinch Pleat and Pencil Pleat curtains will always be manufactured with an approx 75mm heading with 3 different levels to hang the curtain hook from. Hooks will not be supplied with your order.
  • Eyelet curtains are manufactured with approx 30mm of fabric above the eyelet to ensure a quality finish.
  • You should always leave a small amount of space at the bottom of your curtains to prevent them dragging on the floor or window sill. This could cause fraying or marks on your blinds.
  • If you would like to order a single curtain rather than a pair, this will be charged at a reduced price. You should still follow the same measuring process. Once you have measured give our customer support team a call on 0333 321 4050.