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How to Clean Vertical Blinds

How to Clean Vertical Blinds

If you’ve noticed a build-up of dust or dirt on your Vertical Blinds, then it’s time to give them a good clean. We’ve spoken with our blind experts here at Unbeatable Blinds to bring you the ultimate guide on how to clean vertical blinds.

Knowing how to clean vertical blinds is important as it will keep your blinds looking new for longer. It can be off putting knowing where to start with the abundance of information out there on how to wash vertical blinds. We’ve made it simple with our step-by-step guide below:

  1. What you’ll need
  2. Remove Blinds and Clean Headrail
  3. Dust your Vertical Blind
  4. Wash your Vertical Blinds in Warm Water
  5. Lay your Blinds out to Dry
  6. Vertical Blinds Cleaning FAQs

What you’ll need

Knowing how to clean vertical blinds properly and what products to use is essential to keeping them looking good. Fabric blinds can attract dust and dirt quite easily, but they are also simple to clean. All you need are a few cleaning supplies that can usually be found around the home. We recommend:

  • Microfibre cloth or duster
  • Vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment
  • Mild soap or gentle laundry detergent
  • Bathtub of warm water
  • Sponge
  • Towels

Remove Blinds and Clean Headrail

The easiest way to clean vertical blinds is to remove them from the headrail. While you can dust and spot clean while they’re attached, removing them allows for a deeper clean.

Begin by unhooking the slats from the headrail and laying them out on a flat surface. Using a duster or a microfibre cloth, you can now wipe along the headrail to remove any dust.

Dust your Vertical Blind

With your blinds laying on a flat surface you can now take a damp microfibre cloth and gently remove any dust. Start from the top of each slat and move downwards to ensure you don’t go over areas you have already cleaned.

For a more thorough clean, you can use a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment. Run this over your blinds, again going from the top to the bottom of each slat. This should leave your blinds completely free from any dust.

Make sure you repeat these steps on both sides of each slat.

Wash your Vertical Blinds in Warm Water

Now that your vertical blinds are dust free, you can deep clean them. You can either use a bathtub filled with warm water or if your blinds are machine washable then you can use your washing machine on a 30 degree wash setting.

To wash vertical blinds in a bathtub, fill the tub with a mixture of warm water and a mild soap or gentle detergent. Gently wash your blinds in the water until they look clean. It’s important to only use warm water, if the water is too hot it can damage the blinds.

If you notice any stubborn marks or stains on the blinds, then you can use a sponge and some soapy water to buff these off. You should never use bleach on your blinds as this can damage the fabric. If you do wish to use a stain remover, then this should always be tested on a hidden area first to make sure it is suitable.

To wash your vertical blinds in a washing machine you will need to remove all chains and weights. Now you can simply roll up the fabric slats and secure them in a pillowcase to prevent fraying. You should use a gentle laundry detergent and a wash setting that is designed specifically for delicate fabrics. We never recommend using a temperature higher than 30 degrees.

It’s important that you make sure your blinds are machine washable before cleaning them this way as it could damage the blind. We always recommend hand washing in a bathtub where possible.

Lay your Blinds out to Dry

Now that you have your blinds looking like new, you should lay them out to dry. It’s best to find a space with a clean, flat surface to lay them on. This will encourage them to maintain their shape and prevent any damage. You can place towels underneath the slats to soak up some of the moisture.

Don’t be tempted to put your blinds in the tumble dryer as the intense heat can cause serious damage. If you need your vertical blinds to dry quickly, then you can use a hairdryer on the coolest setting to go over each fabric slat.

Hang your Blinds back on the Headrail
Once your blinds have completely dried you can rehang them on the headrail. Take extra care when clipping each slat back into place.

Now that you have your blinds back in place, keep on top of dust by regularly dusting them as part of your cleaning schedule.

Vertical Blinds Cleaning FAQs

How to clean Vertical Blinds without taking them down?

Taking your blinds down ensures that you get them completely clean, but we know that this isn’t always practical. If you don’t have the time or an easy way to wash and dry them then you can clean them while they are still hanging.

Start by dusting each slat from top to bottom. You can use the soft brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner to help remove the dust quickly. Once you have removed the dust you can begin spot cleaning any dirty marks. Use a mild detergent diluted in warm water to do this. To ensure your detergent is not going to damage the fabric slats, you can test it on a small hidden area first.

Once you have finished spot cleaning you should leave the window behind the blinds open to allow them to dry fully. You can use a dry towel to blot any areas that you have cleaned.

If you find that your blinds get dirty quite easily and you don’t want to take them down to wash them each time, then PVC blinds might be better. We have a selection of Rigid PVC Blinds that can be easily wiped clean, saving you time cleaning!

How often should you clean Vertical Blinds?

Regularly dusting your blinds as part of a weekly or monthly cleaning routine will prevent any dirt or dust build up. Dusting your blinds frequently should mean that you don’t need to deep clean them as often.

If you notice a stubborn stain or mark on your blinds, then you can spot clean them as outlined above. Otherwise, you will only need to gently wash your blinds around every 6 months.

With regular cleaning and maintenance, you will keep your blinds in a better condition for longer.

How to clean Vertical Blinds that have developed mould?

Mould is not only an eyesore, but it can also be damaging to your health. If you spot mould on your blinds, then you should remove it and try to prevent it from growing back. This can be done by using a mild mould spray or some more natural solutions.

Although bleach-based solutions used to be favoured, it’s better to stick to natural cleaning solutions. Mould can be removed with some simple household items.

We recommend using lemon juice as it’s great at tackling mildew spores especially when combined with direct sunlight. You can also use white vinegar or tea tree oil. These products should be diluted in water first, then you can use a spray bottle to apply them onto the affected area. You should then leave this to soak before wiping and rinsing the area with warm water.

We always recommend that any cleaning solution is first tested in a small, hidden area to ensure that it won’t cause any damage.

Can you steam clean Vertical Blinds?

If you have a handheld steam cleaner, then this can come in handy! Steam cleaners are a quick and easy way to clean your vertical blinds. First make sure you have removed any dust then use the steam cleaner to clean each slat from top to bottom. We advise you to be careful when steam cleaning and use a low temperature as high heat can damage the fabric. You should also avoid any areas of the blind that feature plastic.

Can you tumble dry Vertical Blinds?

Now that you know how to clean vertical blinds you might be wondering if there are other ways to dry them. As mentioned previously, you should never use a tumble dryer. The high heat paired with the spinning motion can seriously damage your blinds. The best way to dry your blinds is to lay them flat and let them air dry, this way they will maintain their shape.