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Vertical Blinds – A Customer Experience, Shared.

Vertical Blinds - Customer Experience

Customer Spotlight Mr Hill

I undertook a great deal of research on the internet, looking for companies that could provide vertical blinds with value for money in mind.

After getting a variety of quotes, i found Unbeatable Blinds who were by far the cheapest made to measure blinds company.

However, their website, unlike some others, was professionally produced and inspired confidence. Plus i contacted Unbeatable Blinds with a query and received an immediate response. Great customer service.

As a trial, i ordered two vertical blinds (each almost 3m wide). The ordering and checkout process was straight forward.

The blinds arrived in under a week which was a pleasant surprise, extremely well packed. I immediately unpacked them, interested to see if they fitted. They were spot on! Unbeatable Blinds deducted a small amount from the measurements i gave, which meant the width of the support rail and drop of the blinds fitted perfectly. That was a relief.

The blinds were simple to put together. The worst part, if fitting into a window recess, is drilling holes into the concrete lintel (top tip – use an SDS mains drill and it makes holes in concrete like going through butter, i don’t recommend using a cordless drill). So using the correct drill resulted in the blinds being completely fitted in a very short time.

I was extremely please with the overall change, going from old net curtains to vertical blinds. And having tested Unbeatable Blinds, i then placed an order for more blinds to fit the entire property. These arrived four days after placing the order, again very well packed. Fitting was simple and quick.

This time i had included the ‘blackout’ type material in my order, specifically for some south facing windows which are a sun trap. This material is like a flexible PVC, and certainly stops light. As an unexpected benefit, i chose this material for the kitchen windows, and it looks like the blinds will easily be able to be wiped down if required if they become soiled in the kitchen environment.

I am currently refurbishing my property from an almost untouched 1960’s status, and there is a lot of work to do. Changing from nets to blinds was something quick and simple, but friends that have visited have commented that the blinds make the property look so much more modern. A neighbour with the same type of property was actually quite annoyed when they discovered the price of the blinds, having paid around £700+ for a couple of vertical blinds whereas my equivalent from Unbeatable Blinds was nearer only £160.

I have no association with Unbeatable Blinds, but i would certainly recommend them to anyone who requires blinds.

Mr Hills Fitted Vertical Blinds