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Blackout Blinds – benefits you wouldn’t believe!

The Benefits of Blackout Blinds

Stop Counting Calories and Sheep!

Well the festive is almost upon us and even before the first present has been open, the first cracker pulled or indeed the first mince pie has been eaten, it’s there all over the press and television – DIETS, DIETS, DIETS!

Now it may seem strange that reading a blog page on a window blinds website would lead to you reading about diets, however stick with me here.

I and indeed lots of my friends are on constant diets, this works, that works, try this, try that …. bottom line is we all know what to do – eat healthily, eat less and more often, drink plenty of water and sleep well, aha, now you know where I am going with this!

Get into a good pre bedtime routine, don’t have another tea or coffee before bedtime, get to bed relaxed and shut off the outside world with the use of a good made to measure blackout blind.

Blackout blinds can cut out strong light completely either from natural sources or indeed from harsh street-lighting, the total calmness that can come over a bedroom is amazing if you are not used to using blackout blinds. Blackout blinds are a great help in getting a good nights sleep – so stop counting calories and sheep and fit a quality made to measure blackout blind.