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What is Faux Wood? Faux Wood Blinds vs Real Wood Blinds

Faux Wooden Blinds

What is Faux Wood?

Faux Wood Blinds look and feel just like real wood but have many added benefits! Made from durable PVC as opposed to authentic wood, these versatile blinds are both waterproof and easy to clean. This means you can hang them in your bathroom or kitchen without worrying about the humidity or moisture warping them. Unbeatable Blinds offers Faux Wood Blinds in a vast selection of colours and finishes such as smooth painted slats that offer a consistent and cohesive look. We also have a selection of fine grain and embossed finishes for a more authentic wood look. This means you can achieve the look of real wood but at a fraction of the price. Thanks to their PVC material, Faux Wood Blinds are both cheaper and more sustainable than their Real Wood counterparts.

As much as we love Faux Wood, Real Wood also has its own advantages. So, which is better? It’s your choice depending on which room they’ll be going in! We have detailed all the pros and cons below to help you make an informed decision!

Pros & Cons of Wooden Blinds

Wooden Blinds in Mahogany


When it comes to blinds, the look of authentic wood is hard to match! Real Wood Blinds create a timeless appeal and add warmth and texture to any interior. At the same time, wood complements even the most modern of homes, pairing beautifully with wooden furniture.

Unbeatable Blinds offers both traditional and modern options. Our Real Wood Blinds are available in a variety of rich, warm, or earthy tones with stunning finishes that will elevate the style of any home. We also do our bit for the planet as all our wood is sustainably sourced making our blinds first class! Thanks to the versatility of wood, there really is something for everyone so you can easily custom match them to your existing home décor!

Natural Insulation

Wood acts as a natural insulator, offering protection from external weather conditions. They are extremely energy efficient, blocking UV rays whilst keeping the warmth in your home. A great choice for helping to reduce energy consumption and keeping your bills low!

Not Suitable in Humid or Damp Environments

While there is no doubt that Wooden Blinds look great, they do have a disadvantage. Due to the nature of wood, they cannot withstand humid or damp environments. This means that they aren’t the best choice for bathrooms or kitchens. Long term exposure to these environments will cause the wood to warp and fade.

One-of-a-Kind Slats

Each Real Wood slat features individual natural staining meaning every slat and blind is unique! There’s something special about having a one-of-a-kind piece in your home. Choosing Real Wood means that no one else will have the same blind as you, what a bonus! However, if you want a more uniform look then you can choose one of our painted slats instead of a natural wood finish.

Difficult to Clean

As with all blinds, wooden blinds should be dusted regularly which is a simple task. However, if your blinds have gotten a little bit dirty then this might be more difficult to tackle. As mentioned previously, Wooden Blinds can be prone to warping when damp, so you must be extremely careful when cleaning. We have a full step by step guide on How to Clean Wooden Blinds that details exactly how this should be done.

Pros & Cons of Faux Wood Blinds

White Faux Wooden Blinds

Authentic Look

Faux Wood Blinds are made from PVC however, that doesn’t mean that they look plastic. Our Faux Wood Blinds imitate real, authentic wood! We have a wide selection of colours and textures to choose from at Unbeatable Blinds. We have sleek whites and greys, natural wood stain, fine grain, embossed or smooth textures. You really can achieve the look of real wood for less!


Wooden Blinds can be expensive so if you can get the same look for less, what’s not to love? Being produced from PVC means that you can purchase these blinds for a fraction of the cost of Real Wood without compromising on quality!

Durable & Moisture Resistant

So, if Faux Wood Blinds look almost exactly like Real Wood, then what’s the biggest difference? Well, thanks to being made from PVC, Faux Wood Blinds are both durable and waterproof! This means they are suitable throughout the entire home, even in kitchens and bathrooms. Another bonus is that Faux Wood won’t crack, or warp or yellow over time due to UV rays. At Unbeatable Blinds all our Faux Wood Blinds are specially treated with UV protection.

Easy to Clean

Faux Wood Blinds can be easily wiped clean. Unlike Wooden Blinds, they are less susceptible to moisture. This means if you need to clean them, a little water isn’t going to damage the slats. If you want more details on How to Clean Faux Wood Blinds, we have a handy step by step guide you can follow!


There is only one real disadvantage to Faux Wood Blinds and that’s their weight. The PVC material is slightly heavier than Real Wood. This shouldn’t be a problem unless you have very large windows or want to raise and lower your blinds each day. Generally, most Venetian Blinds stay lowered in the window, you will simply tilt the slats to the open position which removes the worry about the weight.

Faux Wood vs Real Wood: A Quick Summary

Faux Wood Real Wood
Affordable Prices Higher Price Point
Waterproof Can Warp or Stain in Damp Environments
Durable PVC High Quality Sustainably Sourced Wood
Easy to Clean Difficult to Clean
UV Protected Naturally Insulating
Heavy Lighter in Weight

As you can see Real Wood and Faux Wood Blinds look much the same. However, they do have different characteristics which make them suitable for different environments. Here at Unbeatable Blinds, we have no doubt that whatever choice you make they will completely transform your space!