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We all know the old joke ‘How do you make a Venetian blind?’.

Explore a selection of Incredible Venetian Blinds

Wow! What an end to the year it’s been for everyone here at Unbeatable Blinds. Last week would normally see a drop off in sales whilst everyone gets on with the usual Christmas shopping, but this year has been markedly different with a huge surge in sales in venetian blinds and in particular faux wood blinds. This is great news for everyone here and we do thank every Unbeatable Blinds customer for their orders this year.

We all know the old joke ‘How do you make a Venetian blind?’, (answers on a postcard to ….) – but did you know that Venetian blinds were originally traded through Persia and introduced to Europe just over 300 years ago so they did not actually originate from Venice! So from over 300 years ago to the best selling blind range of 2017, can’t be bad – a true classic in every sense.

Wooden Venetian Blinds

Back to the present day and from next week we will have 4 fabulous ranges of Venetian blinds to choose from …. Charisma, our Faux Wood Range of Venetian Blinds, Morgan, our Premier Range of Real Wood Venetian Blinds, Millennium, our Aluminium Slat Range of Venetian Blinds and now introducing our New England Range of Wood Venetian Blinds which come in a superb colour range of matt contemporary colours along with a whole new collection of matching and contrasting tape options.

We cannot see an end to the boom in Venetian blind sales and as buying blinds in this price range takes a bit of thought and financial consideration we welcome calls to our Customer Service Centre where we can help you with your purchase choices, and as always, why not ask for samples of slats and tapes to give you a complete peace of mind purchase? … and remember all samples are absolutely free and sent to you first class.