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How Do Roman Blinds Work?

White roman blinds in livingroom window with black sofa, wooden coffee tale and accent chair

How Do Roman Blinds Work?

Roman Blinds offer a timeless and stylish window covering, plus they have loads of practical benefits too! So, how do Roman Blinds work? We spoke to our resident blind experts to find out everything you need to know…


  1. What Are Roman Blinds?
  2. How Do Roman Blinds Work?
  3. Why Should You Choose Roman Blinds?
  4. FAQs

What are Roman Blinds?

Roman Blinds are one of the most luxurious and popular window coverings around. The single piece of flat fabric softly folds as the blind opens, creating clean pleats. While opened, the pleats rest gently at the top of the window. When closed the pleats cascade down until the fabric lays flat, fashioning a minimalist look.

Our Roman Blinds are available in a variety of coloured, textured, and patterned fabrics. These soft fabric window coverings are a fantastic alternative to curtains as they offer the same comforting, luxurious feel without the fussiness or cluttered effect you often experience with curtains. You can’t go wrong with a Roman Blind as it works well with a multitude of interiors, from a classic vintage look to a more modern, relaxed vibe.

How Do Roman Blinds Work?

Roman Blinds make a beautiful addition to your interior, and they are extremely practical too. So, how do Roman Blinds work? You can easily operate Roman Blinds by using the pull cord to open and close them.

Thin cording is threaded through small rings that are sewn onto the back of the fabric. As you pull the operating cord, the fabric is lifted gently via the threaded cording starting from the bottom of the blind. Roman Blinds are constructed specifically so that the fabric folds neatly to create a beautiful, pleated finish. When closed, the fabric will unfold in the same way to lay flat again. The cords are hidden to the side of the blind to avoid distracting from the overall aesthetic.

When ordering a Roman Blind from Unbeatable Blinds, you have the choice of either standard, blackout or thermal lining. Thermal lining is a great choice for insulating your window, which can help tremendously with keeping energy costs low. Blackout lining, on the other hand, is ideal for bedrooms and other spaces where you don’t want to be interrupted by harsh outdoor light. After entering your measurements on the product page, you will be prompted to select a lining from the drop-down menu.

Blue roman blinds placed in a bay window above a colourful window bench

Why Should You Choose Roman Blinds?

There are several benefits that make Roman Blinds one of the most popular window coverings:

Light Control

Roman Blinds offer exceptional light control. Windows with Roman Blinds are fully covered by one single layer of fabric which as standard filters harsh sunlight and street lamps, allowing only diffused light to enter the room. This makes Roman Blinds ideal for enjoying a movie or working on your computer as you won’t be distracted by glare on your screen. If you are looking to block out exterior light entirely, we offer the option of blackout lining which allows you to achieve this.


Thanks to the quality fabric, Roman Blinds offer excellent privacy when they are in a closed position. Like a Roller Blind, you can choose to open your Roman Blind only part of the way, therefore, letting some light in without fully exposing the window.

Energy Efficient & Heat Insulation

Whether you want to keep your home toasty during colder months or avoid overheating on warmer days, a Roman Blind with thermal lining is the perfect solution to regulating temperature throughout the year. In summer, your thermal Roman Blind will prevent the sunlight from overheating your room, maintaining a comfortable temperature. In winter, the thermal lining stops heat from escaping, keeping your space cosy and warm.


As mentioned, the soft folded fabric on Roman Blinds creates a similar aesthetic to curtains. Yet generally, Roman Blinds use approximately 25% less fabric than curtains which dramatically reduces cost.  So, if you are opting for a cheaper alternative to curtains, Romans are the way to go. Enter your sizes on the product page for an instant quote. Also, you can compare the price against our competitors using our new Price Comparison Guide.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Roman Blinds differ from most other blind types in that they are composed of supple fabric. They add a certain softness to windows that you don’t get with other blinds, such as Venetians or rollers, which creates a sense of comfort and cosiness. This makes Roman Blinds perfect for bedrooms and sittings rooms where the aesthetic is usually centred around relaxation and downtime.

Another fantastic feature of Roman Blinds is the fabric type and its design. At Unbeatable Blinds, we use 100% polyester for the fabric section as it is highly durable and incredibly affordable for our customers. However, Roman Blinds can be made up of various fabric types such as cotton, velvet, linen, and silk. The type of fabric you choose will depend largely on your budget and the setting in which your blind will be placed. For example, if you have small children you may want to avoid fabrics that are more difficult to clean, like velvet. For most people, however, it is less about the fabric type and more about the design. Roman Blinds offer an opportunity to add fun patterns and colours to your interior. We have a variety of styles available, from pretty florals to chic geometric patterns.

8 pieces of fabric for roman blinds, layered neatly side by side


How to Measure Your Window for Roman Blinds

All you need to hand is a tape measure, some paper, and a pen to note down your measurements. To ensure you get the correct measurements for your Roman Blinds please visit our Measuring Guide and follow the steps for either recess or exact fitting.

How to Fit Roman Blinds

We have made fitting your Roman Blind simple with our easy-to-follow fitting instructions. Visit our Fitting Instructions page.

Can Roman Blinds be Fitted Outside a Recess?

Roman Blinds can be fitted outside a recess. Where you choose to place your blind depends on what look you want to achieve. Fitting your Roman Blind outside the recess maximises the light that is let in when your blinds are open. This is the most popular placement for this blind type. Fitting them inside the recess results in a sleeker finish, particularly when your blinds are closed. If your window is particularly small, it is not recommended to place your Roman Blinds inside the recess.

Can Roman Blinds be Cut to Size?

At Unbeatable Blinds everything is fully made to measure, so your blinds will be cut to your exact specifications every time. You don’t need to make any adjustments yourself when you order direct from us.

How Do You Clean Roman Blinds?

The easiest way to keep your Roman Blind clean is by regularly dusting. The quickest way to do this is using a vacuum with a soft brush attachment, thoroughly removing dust and dirt. You should never machine wash your Roman Blind however if it needs a deeper clean you can have it done professionally by a dry cleaner. Always check the care instructions on your blind and check with your local dry cleaners before removing the blind.

Do Roman Blinds Crease When They Fold?

We select the highest quality fabric with functionality in mind, meaning it won’t leave permanent creases when your Roman Blind is folded in the open position.

Are Roman Blinds Child safe?

At Unbeatable Blinds, child safety is our top priority. Every single blind we supply comes with the relevant child safety clips to ensure your blind is 100% child safe. Even if you don’t have young children, we encourage all customers to fit the safety clips. These clips are also useful if you have pets.

Will My Roman Blinds Have Any Joins?

Most Roman Blinds are made from one large cut of fabric. However, in some circumstances, we may need to join extra fabric onto the blind. This would only be the case if you have ordered a particularly large blind. If your Roman Blind does require joins, we ensure they are as discreet as possible to avoid detracting from the overall look of the blind.

Always read the product description to find out the maximum size of blind you can order without having any joins.