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White Wooden Blinds decisions, decisions.

20/06/2017 13:18

White Wooden Blinds, with or without tapes?

We have been looking through our best selling blinds over the past 6 months in order to develop new ideas for the year ahead, while doing so we discovered a few pointers in relation to our Morgan range of made to measure, real wood venetian blinds. Firstly, it came as no surprise that our real wooden blinds were up there within our top 5 best selling ranges.


White Wooden Blinds from Unbeatable


What did surprise us was that many of our customers opted for 35mm slats although the majority still went for the 50mm slat option. The final split was 65% against 35% in favour of the 50mm real wooden blind slat option.


As for the most popular colour choice, white wooden blinds took 74% of all sales with light woods taking 16% and dark woods 10%. When it came to whether wooden blinds with tapes or without tapes was the most popular, it was closer than we thought with 58% of you opting for tapes and 42% preferring wooden blinds without.


What was absolutely clear cut was a whopping 85% of our customers choose a matching tape as opposed to 15% going for a contrasting choice. To see our full range of made to measure real wooden venetian blinds simply click on this link 

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