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North, South, East, West the whole world knows who’s blinds are best!

10/09/2018 16:33

Where Next?

It’s been quite an incredible journey for us this year at Unbeatable Blinds. Month on month throughout 2018 we have been seeing huge increases on sales and sales volumes. Yes, we know we have unbeatable prices and amazing looking blinds whether they are wooden blinds, faux wood blinds, blackout blinds even roller or vertical blinds - so that must be why we are doing so well, we thought!

On closer inspection we discovered that was only half the story. The amazing finding was the amount of international sales for made to measure blinds we had built up was quite phenomenal. Every week packages are leaving with blinds going to Sweden, Majorca, Spain, Malta, France, The Netherlands and would you believe, next week we have a package bound for Vietnam.

Internet marketing and international sales go hand in hand. The reduction in general shipping and manufacturing costs means our product is now readily available not only throughout the UK but Europe and beyond.

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Thomas Thomas

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